3 Boston Networking Events this Summer

Are you a young entrepreneur who is looking for fun and interesting ways to network with other entrepreneurs? Boston is the perfect place for you to find some amazing networking events! From free food and drinks to precious connections made, we have the hookup for you!

1. Networking Happy Hour
A low key and free flowing event for young people to network from all over the Boston area. This event is perfect for all sorts of creative people to socialize and share their work.

2. Creativity Mixer
An event all about economics, technology and patents. Get ready to learn all about authors, filmmakers, creative thinkers, artists and inventors! This event is free, but food and drinks are not

3. Advanced Degree/ Ivy League Member Mingle
Looking for an event, but all you see are events for younger people? Check this one out. It’s a casual and comfortable event with ice breakers, games and a chance to meet everyone at the event!

There you have it. Plenty of events to choose from to go to and mingle with people similar to you. Enjoy these wonderful Boston networking events and the rest of your summer from everyone here at MapAround! For more events like these head on over our homepage and get started searching.


4 Incredible Dates in Boston

There are times when lying on the couch and watching a movie is just the perfect date night. But when it comes to going out and having a remarkable night doing new and exciting things, MapAround has you covered. Dates in Boston are by far the most romantic place to be. Walking along the Commons looking at the small streets with the street lamps lighting your way making it as if you’ve traveled back in time. Boston has a lot to offer for a romantic night out. Here are just a few things you and your significant other can do for your next date in Boston.

  1. 90’s night

Do you and your partner have a case of nostalgia? Remembering a time when music was good? Have a burning need to do the running man or the cabbage patch? Well lucky for you we have just the event for you and your significant other. Hosted by the Green Briar Pub come and enjoy a warm summer night in their beer garden or round up your friends for some fun in their game room while listening to your favorite 90s hits all night long!

  1. Dinner with some laughs

Strolling through our little Italy in the North End, you smell the many aromas of all the Italian cuisines being cooked, served, and devoured. If you want to have a true Italian dish, then this is the place to be with picks from Monica’s, Prezza, and for dessert Modern Pastry which many Bostonians will tell you is the pastry shop to beat. Once you’re finished sharing a cannoli or smearing frosting on each other’s faces, there is the Improv Asylum down the street. It is definitely pee-your-pants, spit-out-water, stomach-work-out, tears streaming down your face worthy! And with a date like that, it will be a night to remember.

  1. Summer Sunday Funday Sail Aboard Roseway

For all of you who may not be a nautical aficionado or a history buff, this is the perfect date in Boston idea to surprise your other half who is! Join us for a spirited harbor sail aboard Boston’s only historic tall ship. Help them raise the sails, take the helm, explore below decks, or just sit back and enjoy the summer breezes and Boston’s beautiful cityscape. Your other half will be left completely speechless and will love you forever!

  1. Cocktails and Oysters with a Starry Night Sky

Looking for something a little bit more fancy for date night? Surprise him or her with a night in Kenmore Square at The Hawthorne with a classic cocktail or one of the house creations like the Esperanto. Then you both can head across the way to the Hotel Commonwealth’s lobby into Island Creek Oyster Bar for some of the ocean’s best bivalves (oysters average $3/each). As you each are giddy in each other’s arms enjoying the night and not wanting it to end, there is always the Boston University Observatory. Where you both can view the extraordinary skyline of Boston and the beautiful stars above. And hey maybe a shooting star will pass by and you can make a wish that such a perfect night could never end!

If you’re ever stumped on what to plan for your next date, do not hesitate to give MapAround a try! You will definitely find a date idea that matches your every need!


Put Some Pep in your Step with Boston Classes

Have you always told yourself you’d love to take a class or try a new hobby? Well today is the day, my friends! Now, on the other hand, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Why should I take a class?” We’re here to tell you that every day is a great day to learn something new! The key is to find something you enjoy and have fun doing at the same time. Stop putting off your future and plan ahead now with MapAround’s finest selection of Boston classes.

1. Sushi Making Class

Have you ever heard someone say they know how to make sushi? Me either. Now is your chance to be that person! From rice to the meat to rolling, Wabora Asian Bistro on Newbury Street is hosting classes with everything made from scratch. This class is going for only $35 for one or $59 for a party of two. Get your deals now through MapAround before they sell out!

2. DUF Pop-Ups

Are you sick of your typical boring run on the treadmill? No one wants to be stuck inside working out during this beautiful weather. Summer only comes once a year – take advantage. D.U.F. – Dare you Fitness includes a combination of Strength Training and HIIT while utilizing all your outdoor perks. We dare you to check out these “Pop-up” series hosted in the Boston Commons every Thursday from 6:30 – 7:30 pm! And you’re only required to sign up 90 minutes beforehand, how awesome for all you last minute folks. Oh, it’s even available on Class Pass. Woot!

3. Brewery Yoga

Free + Brewery + Yoga = Best Saturday ever! Night Shift Brewing Company is hosting a free yoga class in their brewery in Everett this Sunday, August, 14th at 11 am. Head over for 60 minutes of deep bends and breaths while quenching your thirst for a post-vinyasa beer!

Those are only just a few Boston Classes we’ve touched upon! Take a gander and find what class is calling your name at Plus, we have plenty of other things to do in Boston.


Free Food in Boston

What could be better than free? It’s a little known fact that Boston has many free events happening all over the city every single day. If you’re looking for free food in Boston, look no further. MapAround has got you covered.

  1. Free Pizza and Games
    There is a Grilling and Games night in Arlington, MA. You bring your own pizza toppings and they’ll provide the dough! Yum!
  1. Free Craft Beer and Wine
    Do you like craft beer and wine? We have just the thing for you. Check out the Happy Hour near the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown for some delicious drinks!
  2. Free Brewery Tour
    Interested in getting a tour of Boston best homemade beers? Check out this Free Brewery tour and lunch at Doyle’s!
  3. Free Food and Wine Pairing
    Loving the new TV show “Feed the Beast” check out this cool free event where you can learn how to pair wine with food like a pro. It’s also a great way to taste wines that you’ve never tried before.


There you have it: some great options for delicious food and drinks all around the Boston area. Go forth and enjoy your lovely week! For more information on things to do in Boston, check out


Boston Breweries

Picture this: Standing around a rooftop party in downtown Boston with your closest friends drinking a tall cold glass of local brewed beer. The music a low hum as the sun winks goodbye and the illumination of the moon casts a warm glow over the most fantastic night. There are various drinks that could make this night fantastic but having your very own Boston beer such as Samuel Adams or even Downeast Cider at one of the many Boston breweries makes it feel like the picture perfect night to last a lifetime. In the Boston area there are numerous local breweries and down below are just a few that you can visit and enjoy.

  1. Samuel Adams

Everyone knows good ol’ Sam Adams. With over 150 years and six generations of brewing, it is safe to say that they know what they are doing. Coined to be brewing American’s Dream, Samuel Adams is all about tradition, history, community, creativity, and human chemistry. Taking a tour, you learn all about the brewing process from start to finish of all the flavors they use and the inventive spices and herbs they use. You also learn about how they came to name their beer after the great Samuel Adams who was a revolutionary thinker and fought for independence and how he was also a local brewer. And of course after you experience such an amazing tour, you get to taste the specialty malts.

  1. Night Shift Brewing

New to the brewing scene, Night shift Brewing started in a sink kitchen back in 2007. Fast forward a few years and many late agonizing nights (hence the name Night Shift) they have become a local favorite being in many restaurants, bars, and liquor stores across the city. They are true avant-garde artists, as they brew their beers in a new way from the rest using ingredients such as habanero pepper and agave nectar.

  1. Cambridge Brewing Company

The Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC) is the oldest and one of the first brewery-restaurant in the Boston area. Founded in 1989, CBC has handcrafted beers of many origins and influences. Catering to a wide variety of people by using new expressions in their beer by incorporating many fermentation traditions. They certainty love pushing the boundaries to make the perfect beer for everyone. Definitely come check the Cambridge Brewing Company when you’re in the neighborhood and in the mood for a hearty meal paired with the right crafted beer.

  1. Idle Hands Craft Ales

Not many people, locals and tourists alike, would know about Idle Hands Craft Ales. A hidden gem just outside the city, they are a Belgian inspired brewery with over 100 handcrafted beers of both old world brews and new exciting experimental ones. Named from the quote “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” the founder, Chris Tkach, had found a good way to keep his idle hands busy when he started crafting beer with his family at the age of 15. While you visit this brewery you’ll hear all about Chris’ stories of how he theorized and built Idle Hands as you drink (responsibly) a few of their beers.

  1. Downeast Cider House

Another newcomer to the beer scene, Downeast Cider House was founded by two friends, Ross Brockman and Tyler Mosher in their senior year of college. Seeing as how they spent most of their time in the family orchard, an idea was born with an endless supply of farm – fresh apple products. It was later into the business planning that Ross’ older brother, Matt, joined and ever since the business has grown into continuing success. They are well known for not using any “shortcuts” when it comes to their ciders, using only fresh-pressed juices and pure, natural ingredients. If you’re in the mood to try something completely new and have a few laughs along the way, Downeast Cider House is the right place for you.

There is so much more breweries out there we’ve only scratched the surface. If you want to find more things to do in Boston, check out!



4 Breathtaking Ways to Watch a Boston Sunset

When was the last time you took a moment to peacefully admire a sunset? If you can’t even remember, it’s about time you do yourself a favor and watch it tonight! Whether you’d be gazing from a blanket on the Esplanade, cruising down the Boston harbor on a boat, gallivanting to your favorite rooftop restaurant or even breaking a sweat with the hippest outdoor fitness class; you don’t want to miss out. MapAround has all the greatest options you’re looking for. Grab your loved one, your kiddos or your best buddies and come enjoy a lovely Boston sunset.

1. Romantic Sunset Sail on the Harbor

Need a romantic night out without the kids or a new adventure with your significant other? Come let loose aboard the yacht Adirondack III and sail along the Boston Harbor. You’ll appreciate a new perspective of the city from the harbor with sites of the Boston Fish Pier, Charleston Navy Yard, Waterfront Park and the New England Aquarium. Plus, alcoholic beverages are available for only $5 each! Feel free to bring your own picnic while you sail. The Adirondack III takes off every night at 6:30 pm so be sure to grab your tickets with links through MapAround.

2. Tequila & Taco Tuesday Cruise

Soak up Boston’s sunset aboard this 1948 vintage motor yacht, Full Moon on Tuesday, August 9th @ 6 pm. What goes better together than tacos and tequila? Add a little sunset and you’re in for the perfect date night. Admission includes a complete taco bar including beef, chicken fajita, blackened fish, corn & flour tortillas and much more. Even drinks of all sorts will be available from a cash bar. So surprise your loved one and buy your tickets on MapAround right now.

3. Sunset SUP Yoga

SUP? Did I read that right? Yes, you did. For all you yogis out there, who don’t know what SUP means, listen up because this could be your new favorite adventure. Stand Up Paddleboarding Yoga! Now who’s up for the challenge? There is nothing better than the peacefulness and tranquility of floating on the water while observing the sunset. So exchange your yoga mat for a paddleboard and get down to the Fort Point Pier on Tuesday, August 2 @ 6:45pm! Namaste.

4. Sunset Yoga on the Esplanade

If you’d rather stick to the land, that’s great too! No matter what level yogi you are, yoga instructor, Sara Divello, welcomes all. Every Wednesday @ 6 pm, she hosts a class on Fiedler Field along the Charles River esplanade for FREE. How awesome? If you wish to use a mat, it’s BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat). So come decompress your Hump Day with a relaxing yoga session while the sun dips below the horizon.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a few cocktails, take a cruise or wind down your day with yoga nearby, Boston Sunsets are sure to be everything you expected and more! Find these and a variety of other things to do in Boston on You won’t be disappointed.


4 Beautiful Boston Beaches You Can’t Ignore This Summer

What is the one place people think about when they hear the word ‘Summer’? If you guessed the beach, then you are absolutely correct. Our toes deep in the sand as we close our eyes and smell the salty air, listening to the waves crash on the shoreline and the sun high in the sky wrapping us with its’ rays. These Boston beaches may not be as grand as most across the nation but they are to us true Bostonians. If you are interested on learning and exploring more, do read on.

  1. South Boston Beaches

There are four South Boston beaches that form a three-mile segment which line the shoreline of Dorchester Bay: L Street Beach, M Street Beach, Pleasure Bay Beach, and Carson Beach. All connected together, one may not know where one begins and the other ends, but that is far from thought as you’re walking along the water’s edge where on one end holds the Kennedy Library. Beautiful views and friendly amenities including an incredible bathhouse which makes it a popular place during the summer.

  1. Castle Island

In the mood for beach fun as well as history? Castle Island is just the right fit for you! Known to have once been an actual island, it now connects to Pleasure Bay Beach. Castle Island houses Fort Independence, a pentagonal five – bastioned granite fort built between 1834 and 1851. You can enjoy the historic views of the fort as you sit on a bench feeling the warm breeze off the ocean waves.

  1. Constitution Beach

Located in East Boston, between Logan Airport and the T’s Blue line, it is a local hot spot when it comes to the hot summer days. It might be smaller than most of the beaches on this list but what it lacks it makes up for in new playground/picnic areas, tennis/handball courts, new bathhouses, and even foot showers. In the height of the summer day it gets crowded but as the sun dips, the crowd trickles to a mere handful of people and it becomes a plane aficionado dream as they watch the planes land and take off.

  1. Revere Beach

Just north of Boston, this marvelous beach looks across the Atlantic Ocean and is known to be the oldest public beach in the United States. Spanning for two miles, this beach is always filled with entertainment for all ages, from radio music festivals, to film showings. During the summer months Revere Beach is known for its four-day Sand Sculpting Festival where renown master sculptors come from all over the U. S. and Canada to show us why they deserve the $14,000 prize. This year the festival begins this month, Friday, July 22, 2016. Come and enjoy food trucks, music performances and craft activities to last the whole day!

Whether you’re looking to lay in the sun all day or explore nearby shopping and activities by the beach, Boston beaches have something to offer everyone. Find this and so much more on


Upcoming Boston Summer Events for Families

Are you a parent stuck at home with your kids with nothing to do? Well, look no further. We here at MapAround have got you covered for a whole selection of fun activities for you and your kiddos. We have all sorts of fun, Boston summer events just for you and your young ones, so stick around and read more to find out all the fun!

1. Summer Concert Series

There’s a fun Summer concert series hosted through Emerson College that you could check out. Just bring a picnic basket, a blanket, a good attitude and have fun. That is a nice way for kids to really enjoy the outdoors and get some good music going.

2. Mathnasium

If you’re looking to get you kids educated over the summer, don’t hesitate to look into the Math classes at Mathnasium for some high quality learning. Learning math might sound awful in the summer, but Mathnasium makes learning fun again! It’s a great way to learn all your basic math!

3. EdTech

If your kids are into computer technology classes, EdTechTeacher Boston Summer Workshops have the perfect solution! There are all sorts of different aspects of computer science for kids to learn and enjoy.

All of these upcoming Boston summer events are the perfect way for you and your kids to make the most of your summer! Visit MapAround for these ideas and so much more!


Top 100 Family-Friendly Places to Fish in the U.S.

Today’s guest post is by Angela Roy at Mommy PR

The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and its Take Me Fishing™ and Vamos A Pescar™ campaigns today released the 2016 Top 100 Family-Friendly Places to Fish and Boat. Americans fell hook, line and sinker for the fishing experience at Florida’s Everglades National Park, which snagged the No. 1 position as the best place to fish and boat in the U.S. for the second consecutive year.

Take Me Fishing™ and Vamos A Pescar™  brought back America’s Top Family Fishing and Boating Spots Instant Win and Sweepstakes for its third consecutive year, with the goal of finding great family-friendly fishing areas and getting more families out on the water. More than 300 sites representing all 50 states were pre-selected from across the U.S. and entrants were able to vote daily for their favorite places.

Criteria for the Top 100 included having a public body of water within driving distances of a major city, good fishing opportunities and family-friendly amenities. With the newly introduced Spanish-language version of the survey, instant-win prizes and mobile access to the voting process, it’s clear why more participants took the bait and voted this year. Nearly 35,000 different anglers and boaters cast nearly 650,000 votes to support their favorite fishing and boating locations.


Top 10 Places to Drop a Line in 2016:

  1. Everglades National Park, Fla.
  2. Bahia Honda State Park, Atlantic Ocean, Fla.
  3. Blue Springs State Park, St. Johns River, Fla.
  4. Kissimmee State Park, Lake Kissimmee, Fla.
  5. Clear Lake State Park, Clear Lake, Calif.
  6. Brannon Island State Park, Sacramento River, Calif.
  7. Dockweiler State Beach, Santa Monica Bay, Calif.
  8. Hanging Rock State Park, Hanging Rock Park Lake, N.C.
  9. Guntersville State Park, Guntersville Lake, Ala.
  10. Lake James State Park, Lake James, Ala.

(See the full list here)

Other Reel-y Interesting Facts:

  • Places in North Carolina and Alabama moved into the coveted Top 10, displacing Texas and Pennsylvania.
  • In 2016, 29 states are represented in the Top 100, four more states than in 2015.
  • Florida and California are the only states to have placed in the Top 10 three years in a row.

“The best way to enjoy fishing and boating is to find a special place to fish with family and friends, so we’re thrilled that so many people shared their favorite place to engage in this national pastime,” said RBFF President and CEO, Frank Peterson. “If you and your family haven’t tried fishing, with so many states represented in the Top 100, we hope you’re nearby one to cast away. It’s a great way to enjoy, conserve and restore our nation’s aquatic natural resources.”

With National Fishing and Boating Week starting June 4, check out these fun fishing opportunities to help you and your family make a splash this summer:

  • Free Fishing Days 2016 – Most states will offer free fishing days for everyone to fish on public bodies of water without a fishing license. These days are the perfect opportunity for beginners to try fishing for the first time.
  • #ReelFun Fishing Events – Kick-off events will be hosted at more than 1,000 Walmart® stores across the U.S. June 3 – 5. All ages and skill levels are invited to learn fishing tips from expert anglers, purchase a fishing license, and test their casting skills.
  • #FirstCatch – Create and capture moments fishing with family and friends, then share them with others online using #FirstCatch. #FirstCatch is Take Me Fishing’s initiative to help anglers come together and revel in the joys of fishing and boating by sharing their first fishing and boating memories – first catch of the day, first fish of the season or even the first catch of a lifetime.

For additional details on National Fishing and Boating Week, including your state’s Free Fishing Days, visit The site, along with its Spanish language counterpart,, is a one-stop resource for fishing license and boat registration information, fishing and boating locations nationwide and how-to information to help plan fishing and boating adventures.

To read the original article, click here.